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Just a few of the features - see the manual for full details.


Images :- may be "stacked" the second one on top of the first so that 16 images are instantly available in a service. All these images can be changes either semi-permanently or temporarily.

Fonts :- both the 'song display' and the 'credits' fonts may be changed in size and colour by one click.

Files :- the 'File (1-12)' boxes have a song set up prior to the service - so by clicking the box, the song is instantly displayed - ready for screening.

Screen :- show the desired screen, start the screening with any selected screen.

Search and sort buttons :- find any song instantly,
... shown here, it was only necessary to click title and type "br" to find the first song in the database beginning with "br" and display it instantaneously.
The same process applies with the other buttons.

Run :- show the song full screen, the use the number key-pad to move to specific screens
- jump all about the song, from any screen to ant other as desired.




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