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Software   Overview


FREE  Software  Upgrades  for  12 mths

Software should be run using Windows compatibility tools.

Created on a 64 bit Win 10 computer and trialed on 32 bits also.



  • Business Management Software - suits small to medium companies.  A comprehensive software package which is simple to use and highly configurable.  


  • Productivity Software for Beef Producers - Genetic improvement & Herd Management, with or without BreedPlan. 



  • Secure Document Control Software - suits medium to large businesses.  Designed to facilitate all ISO related procedures  Templates included

An External auditor's report relating to PRODIM during audit : 
   " facilitated easy access to documents and contributed
to efficiency of record maintenance. "



  • Master Painter's Business Manager :- Allows full management of a painters business concerns, including supplies, quotes, Expenses, Income, taxation, wages, Diary, Clients, Inventory.


  • Projection Software for churches (world wide) .  Allows users to completely manage both the Image and the projector from the keyboard.  Manage / Display music, sermons, slide-shows. 


  • BIBLE software which allows users to manage and record Dreams or Bible Study Notes.  Includes 10 different BIBLE TRANSLATIONS, CONCORDANCE references , and automatically determines Bible CROSS REFERENCES.   Manage DREAMS. 


  • This is SIMPLE folder backup utility - almost set and forget !
    Copy folders to other or backup drives - once set, MULTIPLE backups can be done with 1 mouse click !   


  • EasyTime Windows MediaPlayer
    A very efficient Windows Media Player substitute  !

Password Generator

  • Consistently Generate complex 80 character Passwords which are never saved anywhere.

    C,I}"9$(7&2MB%(^\=2(9KDPCZF&(P<#e11@gRq,<;$*(V6c2uO49?%#6@=W7 + `Z3L}.P'5/7!96} 

Password Repository   - Generate ULTRA SECURE passwords

  • A secure password storage repository hidden behind a complex 80 character Password.

  • The same as Password Generator - but with an additional password repository.


  • RunAtStart  - a FREE tool - refine what Winows XP starts at computer boot up. 


Magnifying Glass

  • Magnify  - a FREE tool - Move over sections of your screen to magnify the area.

 - a FREE tool - move over & magnify sections of your screen.



  • State Emergency Services of Queensland.  Designed to manage and report all aspects of management and control.


All software is written in Delphi 7  and is continually upgraded !


  • Automatic Pop-Up help on all screen objects.
  • All Manual may be viewed onscreen or printed.
  • Help topics available from drop-down Menu.


  • Database Grids may be sorted on differing fields so printed
    reports are ordered as preferred.
  • When a search is performed, the data is automatically re- sorted and organized by that field.


  • Printed reports are automatically sorted in
    the same way as the corresponding Grid.
  • Differently ordered lists of records in reports.



All Reports have your Logo and Business particulars

Export Reports for emailing etc. as:

  • PDF                                                    ( Adobe Acrobat)
  • RTF                                                    (Rich Text)
  • XLS                                                    (Excel / CSV)
  • Txt                                                     (Text)
  • HTML                                               (Internet)
  • XHTML                                            (Internet)
  • JPG,  BMP,  Gif,  EMF,  WMF  (Pictures)


  • Filtering allows exclusion of data as required.
  • View only the required records.
  • Catch that fly  ...


  • Computer capable of running Windows 98 (upwards) . P11, 16Meg memory
  • Under Windows Vista : Run as Compatibility : WinXP SP2


  • References are available from satisfied users of the software.
  • Purchases may be made by Cheque or Direct Bank Deposit.
  • Please Email us for further information, we will be happy to assist.

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Shep Herd Software
Queensland. Australia. 4210.




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