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State  Emergency  Services

Written for and in conjunction with members of the

Volunteer State Emergency Services

of  NSW and Queensland


This Software is ~

bulletPASS-WORDED for secure, confidential information, data editing and report printing.
bullet Very user friendly.
bullet Windows 95 / 98 compatible.

This Software has ~

bulletFar too much, to be able to demonstrate on-line.
bulletThe Manual on - screen ... click and see it !
bulletSimple yet powerful filtering features enable searching and
 specific data processing, on-screen viewing and printing of 
records on reports. (includes reports for Head Office).
bullet Over 45 different multiple printing reports
which are sorted (ordered and filtered)
prior to printing.
bulletForm Letters, Memos  and Envelope writing Features.
bulletA Personnel Information Manager.
bulletA Diary with search features.
bulletAll the specific QUEENSLAND Volunteer SES Forms inbuilt.
bullet Pop up help on all components.
bullet Mouse driven ease of use.
bullet Copy and paste features throughout. 
bulletPotential to have spread sheets linked to it's databases .

This Software Does ~

bullet AUTOMATICALLY determine due dates for personnel certificate renewals
(eg. First Aid).
bulletEverything the Queensland Volunteer SES has asked for !

Help ~

bulletAutomatic Pop-Up help on all screen objects.
bulletThe Manual may be viewed on - screen.
bulletHelp Topics available from the Menu.

Sorting ~

bulletDatabase Grids may be sorted on differing fields.
bulletWhen a search is performed, the data is automatically sorted by that field.

Printing ~

bulletPrinted reports are automatically sorted in the
same way as the corresponding Grid.
bulletDifferently ordered lists of data.
bulletRecords may be printed on mass, individually, or severally.

Filtering ~

bulletFiltering allows exclusion of data as required.
bulletView only the records that you want to work with.


Software Language ~

bulletWritten in Delphi 7 for Windows 98  upwards-  Recently upgraded !

Requirements ~

bulletAny computer capable of running Windows 98 ( P3 upwards ).
bulletCD ROM Drive 

We are only able to skim the features on-line.

~  ~  ~

bulletReferences are available from satisfied users
of the software.
bullet Purchases may be made by Cheque or Bank Deposit.
bulletPlease Email us for further information,
e will be happy to assist.
bulletThe NEW - upgraded version is now available.



Due to lack of support, this product is no longer being marketed.



Shep Herd Software
Queensland. Australia. 4210.


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