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Sermon preparation is made very simple.
Simply paste the verses into this page, then add any notes / reminders.

Multiple Scriptures, -together with any associated notes may be prepared at the same time, and the completed sermon may then be printed using the simple Filtering features in the software.

Filtering on 'y' (above) would render only Ps Yanco's sermon [scriptures=notes]
... which could then be printed (in order) and displayed at the service later.
Similarly you could filter on say sg2 in the demo above
... to show "Speedy Gonzalez's" (we wish!) sermon number 2.

The Scriptures for Display are prepared in the same process no duplication of tasks.

Scripture Display

Scripture screening is unlimited - as an ordered slide show.

Any numbers of scriptures may be screened on one slide, and any number of slides may be used.

Move backwards and forwards through the Slide show as required.




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