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Specifically for Church Projection requirements.

Worship Song Display

bulletPre-load 12 songs for instant display, instantly go to the next song.
bulletVery rapid song search - by any of 5 different fields.
bulletInstant retrieval of songs from the database.
bulletExtensive Filtering capabilities.
bulletAny number of images (.JPG) backgrounds may be 
added and used.
bulletInstant selection of up to 16 backgrounds during a service
by simply clicking the mouse.
bulletDifferent text fonts and font colours may be 
selected instantly by mouse clicks.
bulletOver 400 songs are included.
bulletThe FULL Salvation Army Song Book may be supplied.

Image Display

bulletSlide shows of Images (Jpg) and Photographs, including forward 
and backwards directions.
bulletThere are over 300 carefully selected background images on CD.

Scripture Display

bulletScripture screening is unlimited - as an ordered slide show.
bulletAny numbers of scriptures may be screened on one slide, and any number of slides may be used.
bulletMove backwards and forwards through the Slide show as required.

Sermon Preparation

bulletSermon preparation is made very simple.   Multiple Scriptures together, with any associated and notes may be prepared at the same time, and the completed sermon may then be printed using the simple Filtering features in the software.
bulletThe Scriptures for Display are prepared in the same process no duplication of tasks.

Projector Control

bulletAll projector control may be done from the computer Keyboard.  Simply configure the program (once) to your projector.   No need to juggle projector buttons.

Media Display

bulletAutomatic "running" of other Media from within the program (music, videos)


bulletAutomatic Pop-Up help on all screen objects.
bulletThe Manual may be viewed on - screen ... click and see it !.
bulletHelp Topics available from the Menu.


bulletDatabase Grids may be sorted on differing fields.
bulletWhen a search is performed, the data is automatically sorted by that field.



Export Reports for emailing etc. as:

bulletPDF                                                    ( Adobe Acrobat)
bulletRTF                                                    (Rich Text)
bulletXLS                                                    (Excel / CSV)
bulletTxt                                                     (Text)
bulletHTML                                               (Internet)
bulletXHTML                                            (Internet)
bullet JPG,  BMP,  Gif,  EMF,  WMF  (Pictures)



bulletPrinted reports are automatically sorted in the
same way as the corresponding Grid.
bulletDifferently ordered lists of Songs, Song Verses,
Image Thumbnails, Sermons.
bulletSongs may be printed on mass, individually or severally.
bulletSong Listings may be printed in different ways, with or without writer credits.


bulletFiltering allows exclusion of data as required.
bulletView only the records that you want to work with.


bulletAny computer capable of running Windows 98 upwards.
bulletAppropriate projection hardware.
bullet(Note No expensive dual video cards etc. required).

bulletReferences are available from satisfied users of the software.
bulletPurchases may be made by Cheque or Bank Deposit.

Please Email us for further information, we will be happy to assist.





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