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Created on a 64 bit Win 8.1 computer and trailed on 32 bits also.

Product  AU$
( At  Sept 2003 the Database Engine ALONE costs US$530 )  
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Dreams (Bible Software)   Donations Gratefully accepted FREE
EasyAs  (Home or Lite Versions) Includes Built-In Demos  
 5 networked users version $20
Screener   (Including > 440 Background Images)    
 5 networked users version. $20
AncesTree (Genealogy) Includes Built-In Demos
Donations Gratefully accepted
Prodim    Electronic Document Control System  
  5 networked users version $100
 Unlimited user Version poa
RunFree   Master Painter Business Manager  Includes Demo  
  5 networked users version $100
MyBeef  Herd Improvement  (Beef Cattle) $100
TooEasy (BackUp Utility) $20
EasyTime (Media Player) $20
EasyTime (SlideShow / Picture Viewer) $20
Password Generator (80 Character secure Passwords) $10
Password Repository - Prep  (Secure Password Repository)  $20
RunAtStart  Free
Magnify Free
 State Emergency Service Software poa
 Activate PayPal  PayPal Address   shepsoft@imacog.net  

Payment Methods Accepted : PayPalCheque,  Bank Transfer / Deposit.

(All Prices are subject to change without notice - please confirm your price when ordering.)


Disk Postage and Handling :

Within the Australia                                                                  $5.00

From Australia to International destinations        AU$25.00


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