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Ian and Iris - Nov 2002 in Parañaque     (Click Pix to enlarge)


Iris at Dallas St Parañaque Jan 2003     (Click Pix to enlarge)


Caribou Heads - Fiesta Delicacy              (Click Pix to enlarge)


Fiesta                                                             (Click Pix to enlarge)


Rice Drying                                                 Note the feet !!!


Live Street Produce                                  Yum Yum !!!

The biggest birds you see here ... because they are migratory ... they have eaten all the others !


Swimming @ Dilitiwan                             (Click Pix to enlarge)


Traveling Knife Sharpener                      (Click Pix to enlarge)


Ian and Iris - Dec 2003 in Makati          (Click Pix to enlarge)

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