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                       Welcome to this Genealogy project 


This FREE software is named  AncesTree - to avoid potential conflict with other software.  It is MS Vista compatible (follow instructions).  The latest version (Aug 2015 +) uses a different database (SQlite.db)

This product includes over 600 records & 300 photos & documents - together with genealogy including family histories of  Bowers, Byfield,  Calvo,  Chivers,  Collett,  Cooney,  Dawn,  Dillon,  Goding,  Goodall,  Hall,  Howie,  King,  Kirby,  Manley,  Morffew,  Newbold,  Palermo,  Parlor,  Rhys,  Smith,  Starr ...   plus many other families integrated with these.    

I have decided NOT to even make a nominal charge for the software -even though it does constitute many, many hours of work.  IT IS  FREE, but feel free to donate if you feel convicted ;-)

I suggest that you read the manuals - particularly the Deployment file - ESPECIALLY if you use MS Vista.

I hope this may be a valid starting point for many to follow their  Ancestry, and also to leave something for our children  ...

Kind Regards,
Ian M Byfield


Some screen shots   ( There are also quite a few reports - all of which may be exported to other file formats)  ORIGINAL formats - haves been improved since these were made.

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To download a file, click on the appropriate Download text below.




Download Full Version  SetUp AncesTree -    Dated 20140326   (~52Mb)
Includes Demos  -  All data included.  


Upgrades     See UpGrades  Page


Download  AncesTree.exe                           ~ 7M                                           - Dated 20150811   
Place into  C:\Program Files\AncesTree Folder
Includes Demos  This is just the latest AncesTree.Exe file


Download  AncesTree Data  - V 5.0.0      Latest Data File                            - Dated 20150811
Unzip into & replace existing file AncesTree.db


Future  Upgrades   

Because there may be a lot of graphic files in the future (dependent on cooperation of others), I will subsequently upload (separately) zipped copies of :-

1.  Upgrades to the AncesTree.Exe file 

2.  The AncesTree.db file incorporating the Names database - containing all upgrades.

3.  Additional files for the \Docs subfolder.

4.  Additional files for the \Pix subfolder.

 ... all upgrades will be dated so folk can update without too much downloading.


Shep Herd Software
Queensland. Australia. 4210.


January 16, 2017