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Created on a 64 bit Win 8.1 computer and trailed on 32 bits also.


EasyAs   (Home / Small Business Manager) 

bulletDownload  EasyAs   -  Includes Demo
( ~
3 M) - Electronically Registrable !
bulletDownload  EasyAs Documentation
(Manual EasyAs.Zip)  -  UpDated 20091002
bulletDownload EasyAs PowerPoint Presentation
(EasyAs PPS.Zip)


MyBeef   Beef Breeding & Herd Improvement Manager) 

bulletDownload  MyBeef   - Includes Demos
( ~3.2 M) - Electronically Registrable !
bulletDownload  MyBeef Documentation
(Manual MyBeef.Zip)  -  UpDated 20091002 



bulletDownload  Prodim    
( ~ 8.5 M) - Electronically Registerable !
Install then READ |Program Files\Prodim\Letters\Deployment.Rtf for password
Trial Data only included - Registered Version has much more information -
(Registered Data is supplied upon Registration and payment)
bulletDownload Prodim Documentation
(Manual Prodim.Zip)  -  UpDated 20091002


RunFree   (Commercial Painter's Manager) 

bulletDownload  RunFree  - Includes Demos
( ~3.2 M) - Electronically Registrable !
bulletDownload  RunFree Commercial Painter Documentation
(Manual RunFree.Zip)  -  UpDated 20091002

Dreams   (Bible Software)   

bulletDownload  Dreams  - Free but donations gratefully accepted.


bulletDownload  Screener 
( ~69 M) - Electronically Registrable !
Church Projection Software for screening music, picture slideshows, sermons.
bulletDownload  Screener Documentation
(Manual Screener.Zip)  -  UpDated 20091002
bulletDownload  Screener PowerPoint Presentation
(Screener PPS.Zip)



bulletDownload  Folder BackUp Utility
( ~1 M) - Electronically Registrable !
This is a SIMPLE folder backup software - almost set and forget !


bulletDownload  EasyTime Media Player
( ~6.0 M) - Electronically Registrable !
A very efficient Windows Media Player substitute  !


bullet Download  EasyView Photo / Pic Viewer
( ~2.8 M) - Electronically Registrable !
So very easy to view / slideshow all your JPG's chronologically  !


Password Generator

bulletDownload  Password Generator PWG
( ~810K) - Electronically Registrable !
A simple, secure, 80 character password generator
vU9$?=C.:3Wi#|[N<<(*(w:kZF;M5yk9&88'EmZ?&"<:{"x&E%+=/ )$,*n7vsA0h*9(TmQ=_(ev8>-+


Password Repository

bulletDownload  Password Repository - Prep
A simple, secure, password storage, requiring an 80 character password to access ! 



bulletDownload  Your Windows Environment
A simple tool to record all your environment Variables. 


AncesTree  (Genealogy V5.0.0)  Aug 2015

UpGrader  (Software UpDate Utility) 590kb


Download    DBISAM LAN Server Utilities   - Version 3.30

Runner  RunAtStart - a FREE tool - refine what Winows XP starts at computer boot up. 776kb

Magnifying Glass - a FREE tool - move over & magnify sections of your screen. 406kb



bulletDownload SES Documentation
(Manual Qld SES.Zip)


PayPal  Address   shepsoft@imacog.net



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