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Consultancy  Overview

Does your organization yearn to set up a quality and environmental management system that


meets company goals and customer needs, 


is easy to maintain 


complies with internationally accepted standards  
( International Organization for Standardization ) ?

IPconsult CAN help !

  Since IPconsult began, EVERY Client has been Certified on the FIRST Audit !

The Objective

We aim to assist organizations set up a system that works and is easy to maintain, not just get a certificate mounted on the wall; while at the same time complying with the requirements of internationally accepted quality and environmental standards.   A system that provides a framework for continuous improvement.  

Let us guide you in correctly interpreting the requirements of the international standards for quality and environment.   Coupled with the best practices in the industry, your company will avoid creating a cumbersome system, full of unnecessary and duplicating paperwork.  Experience returns in the investment made in the company's management systems.

Consultancy and Training

We  offer Consultancy and / or Training Services on the following Management Systems:- 


ISO 9001:2000 for Quality Management Systems  -  QMS


ISO 14001:1996 for Environmental Management Systems -  EMS 


ISO 17025:1999 for Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories


Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries


Good Laboratory Practices 


For systems implementation and maintenance, IPconsult recognizes the importance of training to achieve your quality and environmental objectives.  As such, staff training is an integral component of any consultancy project being managed.  Training on the different standards is also offered as a service independent of Consultancy.

Related Software Package    

To support the effective implementation of the above systems, a Related Software Package - PRODIM  has been created to enable companies to focus their valuable resources towards improving the established management system; not in maintaining a paper based document control system.


An External auditor's report relating to PRODIM during audit : 
   " facilitated easy access to documents and contributed
to efficiency of record maintenance. "


PRODIM, an ISO 9001:2000 compliant electronic documentation software, has been an integral part of a successful ISO 9001:2000 external audit, receiving favorable comments from the certification auditors.

The Pursuit of  Excellence    

IPconsult will help the company focus on the processes within the organization that affects the  product or service ( those that really matters to your customers) and the environment.

The Outcome ...

At the end of every IPconsult project, your organization will have:


In-house knowledge of the applicable standard


Fully trained staff


Compliant electronic documentation system


Internal auditing capabilities


Successful certification


In-house capability to maintain certification


Hop into great products and services NOW     

Our fees are very competitive and your company's modest investment will be quickly returned.  


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