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RunFree   -   Master  Painter's  Business  Manager


bulletIf you have ever fought with an accounting package,
then you will LOVE this program !
bulletDesigned as a highly user friendly management program
to control all aspects of a painter's business.
bulletIncredibly user friendly and extremely powerful.
bulletGPC numbers and paint Product Numbers are included.
bulletQuotes are accurately and professionally presented in
minutes with a few mouse clicks.  Powerful, detailed quote
writing with basically no typing.
bulletAccuracy of calculations - don't make expensive mistakes.
bulletInstantly view any of 34+ sorted reports.
bulletBusiness Cards - your own professional cards, using your own personal Logo if desired
                                  - - -  charm them !
bulletGST  Management is an absolute breeze through-out the program.  GST quarterly summaries with 1 mouse click.
bulletAward or contract WAGES for any staff computed without by simply clicking the mouse.
bulletInventory for keeping track of all your supplies, tools, products and possessions.
bulletLimited phone support, and Free Email upgrades during the 2000 - 2001  Financial Year.
bulletFree emailed upgrades for 12 months when available.


bulletNo more hammering away to prepare a quote !
bulletWith just a few mouse clicks you can completely prepare
 print and post an EXTREMELY professional  quote,
prepared with almost NO typing.  Just input your hours
and quantities (a few numbers).  Build and print a quote
in under 2 mins.
bulletProvision for verification and acceptance of quote by client.
bulletModify Labour, Overhead and Profit Margins to suit.
bulletKeep detailed records without any extra effort.
bulletAnalyse (view) your own quoting accuracy.
bulletPrint on quality patterned paper if preferred.


bulletSqueeze the last drop from expenses !
bulletCalculate and convert GST with one mouse click.
bulletAdds GST, or, Splits GST inclusive expenses.
bulletUser definable expense fields.
bulletUnlimited number of user-configurable expense categories.
bulletDo quarterly GST Summaries with one mouse click.
bulletJust hand the results to your accountant.


bulletJuggle your incomes from differing sources.
bullet5 extra user definable income fields.
bulletUnlimited number of user-configurable income categories.
bulletSplit off required GST payments with a click of the mouse.
bulletEnd of financial year payments were never ever so easy... 
bulletFilter & print reports of income from specific sources only.


bulletDo quarterly GST Summaries with a click.
bulletReplicate wages from previous calculations - saving work.
bulletPay Slips & Wages Summaries for any period with absolute ease.


bulletSteal a Job !
bulletWeekly Job Hours sheets.
bulletJob performance analysis automatically completed.
bulletSummary reports.
bulletInvoices with 1 mouse click.


bulletSearchable diary, - find anyone or anything
bulletIt's so easy ...


bulletHome or work addresses of any groups of contacts. 
bulletPersonalized letters on letterhead or any plain or fancy paper.
bulletPre-addressed personalized envelopes
bulletEven send Christmas letters to groups of friends or contacts.
bulletFind who called you (with *10#) - search your phone numbers.
bulletPrint contact addresses & numbers for groups of contacts.


bulletKeep track of numbers and values of all paints, tools of trade
vehicles, office equipment and supplies, private possessions etc.
bulletAutomatically calculates residual values of stock and wares
on-hand or sold as time passes. 


bulletAutomatic Pop-Up help on all screen objects.
bulletThe Manual may be viewed on - screen ... click and see it !.
bulletHelp topics available from the drop-down Menu.


bulletDatabase Grids may be sorted on differing fields so printed
reports are ordered as preferred.
bulletWhen a search is performed, the data is automatically re- sorted and organised by that field.


bulletPrinted reports are automatically sorted in
the same way as the corresponding Grid.
bulletDifferently ordered lists of records in reports.


bulletFiltering allows exclusion of data as required.
bulletView only the records that you want to work with.
bulletCatch that fly  ...

Software Language

bulletWritten in Delphi 7 for Windows 98 upwards - Recently Upgraded !


bulletAny computer capable of running Windows 98 ( P3 upwards ).
bulletCD ROM Drive 

Upgrade to the Registered Version

bulletMake a BIG splash ...
bulletUpgrade information may be emailed,
faxed or phoned to you.

~  ~  ~

bulletReferences are available from satisfied users of the software.
bulletPlease Email us for further information, we will be happy to assist.
bulletYour end result !





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Queensland. Australia. 4210.


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